Chris Haueter is a multimedia artist residing

in Los Angeles. He is available for hire individually or as part of a team for

all things creative.

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Chris Haueter, is an American martial arts

athlete and coach. As one of the first American Black Belts in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Chris is best known for his innovative teaching style and conceptual coaching ability and naming of new positions as the art rapidly developed in the mid 90's, coined the term 'Combat Base' as it related to shooting platform. He spread BJJ to the UK and across the US in the late 90's. Chris is one of the BJJ Dirty Dozen (first 12 Non-Brazilian recipients of the BJJ black belt).

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September 2015 marks the release of the much anticipated Shoyoroll project, MagiKimono™.

A creative project, envisioned by 5°Jiu Jitsu

Black Belt and fine artist Chris Haueter,and

creative adgency dualforces follows a dystopian rollercoaster ride of a future world where the art

of Jiu Jitsu was long lost, only to remerge with the MagiKimono™ as a vehicle of rediscovery.


Rich with lost teachings, historic references and secret techniques, the story slowly reveals itself
to those that are patient and persistent enough

to not quit.


Technical garment designers at the creative
studios of DualForces applied design innovation

to enhance performance.


Reflected in an obsession to detail, the
simplicity of clean lines, subtle branding and technical considerations, the MagiKimono™ Combat Uniform is built to be a premium standard for

the Shoyoroll family.


Limited package was created to reflect the MagiKimono™ ethos, along with a handmade FM

(Field Training Manual) written and designed

by Chris Haueter to begin the story and

share techniques.


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